Product Pricing and Costs Questions

BBO is aimed at providing small to medium Enterprises with an easy, painless and cost effective Online Sales Ability. So there are no upfront or ongoing costs to setting up your Store and Listing your Products. We are all happy to pay a freelance salesman a commission if he brings in a sale and that is exactly how the BBO Business Model works. Commission on a Sale is typically 10% but can vary per Category.
Pricing needs to be competitive with other online platforms such as Amazon and allow for the BBO commission payable which is normally 10%
Pricing per item should ideally be from R100 upwards and where possible order quantities should be multiples like minimum order = a box of six bottles of wine.
Delivery Methods and Costs will be set per Product

BBO Product Listing Questions

You can Register as a Vendor, open your own Store and List your Products on the Vendor Dashboard....its all Free. Contact Us with any Queries.
You can choose any existing Category under which to list your Products or you can list them under Classifieds Online. Alternatively if you have a serious business requiring a new unique Category, please Contact Us and we will create one for you.
BBO is focused on the small to medium business that would like to benefit from a more Personalised Collective Online Market Platform and its traffic instead of having its own Online Website.
The BBO format works best for a limited number of Products per Vendor, lets say an average of 25 Products.